Case Studies

Mr Patel sees and treats a wide range of conditions, looking after hundreds of patients each year. Please note we have chnaged the names and photography to protect the identity of our patients.

A 2 year old boy who was struggling to hear

Alfie’s parents noticed that Alfie was sometimes struggling to hear them and he was suffering with recurring colds and ear aches. They were also concerned that his snoring during sleep was affecting his breathing. They decided to approach Mr Patel for help.

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Boy sees ENT London Consultant - case study

Blocked sinuses hindered young woman for many years

Georgia suffered with sinusitis regularly leaving her with pain and headaches. Georgia wondered if there were alternative treatments to the ineffective medication she had been taking.

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Woman suffered with sinusitis

Teacher frustrated by hoarseness and voice problems

Mrs Granger had been suffering with years of intermittent hoarseness in her voice. As the symptoms increased, she began to worry that her day to day teaching would be affected.

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Teacher sees ENT specialist in London

Out of control spinning for normally active senior

Following weeks of an unbearable spinning sensation, heavily impinging on normal life, Mrs Rowlands turned to Mr Patel for urgent help.

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ENT consultation in London - case study