Blocked sinuses hindered young woman for many years

Georgia suffered with sinusitis regularly leaving her with pain and headaches. Georgia wondered if there were alternative treatments to the ineffective medication she had been taking.

Woman suffered with sinusitis


35 year old female


Georgia suffered with pain, headaches and discomfort from blocked sinuses since she was a teenager. Various antibiotics and steroid treatments had only provided part relief from bouts of sinusitis and Georgia visited Mr Patel at the New Victoria Hospital to see if there were any treatments available that would prove to be a permanent solution.


Following a nasal endoscopic examination and CT scan, Mr Patel was able to determine the extent of Georgia’s sinusitis and pin point the correct procedure needed to clear the blockage in the sinuses thereby alleviating the pain.


Mr Patel saw Georgia a month later to perform functional endoscopic sinus surgery under general anaesthetic at the New Victoria Hospital. The procedure took forty five minutes and Georgia was able to go home later that day. Mr Patel worked with Dr Waddington to take care of the general anaesthetic.


Georgia’s surgery completely rectified the previous sinus problems meaning that she could be discharged from Mr Patel’s care.

Georgia wrote to say

“Thank you for your speed and diligence in responding to the problems I had with my sinuses. You provided excellent care and treatment, clear explanations and I was pleased with the preparation for surgery as well as the overall results – clear sinuses for the first time in years!”

The procedure took forty five minutes and Georgia was able to go home later that day.